Sunday, 31 August 2008

Pics Of The Jonas Brothers including Nick On Broadway!

I found some pictures that have been posted a few days ago on the Spleak blog!

Take A Look Here!

They are all from the time Nick was on Broadway i don't know if you've seen them before but i hadnt and ive seen A LOT of pictures of them :)


Disney Channel Games!

Nick Jonas' team Inferno have one fan favourite in the 2008 DC Games!

Nick also won MVP!

Well Done!


Friday, 29 August 2008

JB Are MTV Artist Of The Week!

The Jonas Brothers have won the MTV Buzzworthy Artist Of The Week!

Well Done!!


Joe && Nick && Kevin On A Double Date!!

You might of heard the rumours of Joe and Taylor, and Nick and Selena, well Just Jared made a post with pictures of a supposed TRIPLE date!

There are also rumors of Kevin going out with someone who isn't a celebrity. But the media haven't focused at all on Kevins girlfriend. It Could be because she is not a celebrity also.

Kevin And Danielle were also said to be there but nothing was really said about them..

Just Jared Article Here.


JB Nominated for Europe MTV Awards!!

The 3 brothers are nominated in 2 categories! But you can nominate them in other categories too :)
They are nominated:


but you can nominate them into these categories too:

- ACT OF 2008
- HEADLINER (Jonas Brothers)
- ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Jonas Brothers - Jonas Brothers)

I m pretty sure you can vote daily so vote again and again!! The boys deserve this for all their hard work and i hope they win!!!

Vote Here


Thursday, 28 August 2008

win a VACATION with the Jonas Brothers!

From September 2nd if you upgrade your cell phone to the Samsung Glyde, then you can be entered in a competition where the prize is for you and 3 friends to go to the Atlantis pardise resort in the bahamas WITH JOE, NICK AND KEVIN!
Also, you will get "premium" tickets to go see the Jonas brothers in a private concert!!

Click here for competition details and how to enter

The competition is only open to people in the US sadly..
That means I can't enter!!

Good Luck :)


No1 Again!

The Jonas Brothers, on number one for the second week running!
But they say that sales declined by 72% last week!
Maybe most fans bought the album within the first week of release.
Thanks to all fans who helped them become number 1.